Full Wikiart Collection

The full collection of artworks we retrieved from WikiArt has 117,083 paintings and drawings. We compute \(k \in \{64, 256\}\) archetypes.

Archetype Visualizations

The visualization of the archetypes for \(k = 256\) can be found in a separate gallery. They illustrate quite nicely the impact of the choice of \(k\) on the quality of the analysis.

Below, we present the results for \(k = 64\).

Image Decompositions

Archetypal analysis allows to decompose an image into its contributing styles. Below are some examples of these decompositions, computed with Gatys' style representation. The contributions of the archetypal styles are visualized in three ways:

  • as a texture synthesized using the archetypal style (left column)
  • as stylization of the image in questions, using a unit vector for each contributing style (top row)
  • as a sum of the (strongest three) contributing images